Thursday, May 8, 2008

OT Bloggers

In poking through more OT blogs, I came across this one:
It is authored by a lecturer in New Zealand and, according to another OT blogger, played an important part in promoting OT blogging! I have been posting questions on other OT blogs as well as learning much from reading through the thoughts of these practitioners. Some blogs have been quite amusing and others incredibly informative

Blogging seems to be a highly effective way of sharing information and networking and it seems that many OTs and OT students are accessing blogs as resources. I think I will use blogs as resources for giving and receiving new ideas and advice in future practice. I think it's great that a virtual community of OT bloggers has developed and I am glad to be a part of it!


Anita Hamilton said...

Hi Oh Tea! I like your ponderings and musings... sounds like me when I first started!!! I've found some OT blogs that are about practice, one in particular is MetOT. You will find it if you "google" it. Cheers, Anita. PS: I like your reference to the TechnOT's blog... is that becasue it's mine? :-P

Merrolee said...

Anita... now how come you are so important! "-)

Welcome Oh, Tea.. to the OT blogging community which is now starting to grow exponentially!!! I hope you find it as useful a tool for reflection/learning/communication as the rest of us active online bloggers. not sure if you have a blogging roll going - but if you would like to see a master OT student blogger.. then check out